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A place for me to share my passion for traveling, photography, languages and history.

Permalink Cloudy afternoon at Harbourfront, Toronto
Permalink Whole Earth Catalog cover from 1974 where Steve Jobs first saw the quote, “Stay hungry, stay foolish”
Succinctly summarizes my view/goal of/in life.
Source: Isaacson, Walter. “Steve Jobs”.
Permalink Boardwalk, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada
Sunset in Charlottetown, the capital of PEI. The city is situated in the middle of the island which is the smallest province of Canada.
A little bit of history: Charlottetown is considered the birthplace of Canada. The Confederation Conference was held in 1864 to discuss the potential confederation of British North American Colonies.
Permalink Roof-top view of Roma from the top of the Spanish Steps. A city cluttered with 3 to 4 storey buildings with terraces converted into gardens, and exteriors painted that complemented the rustic and ancient vibe of the city. The view was littered with church domes peaking through almost every 500 metres or so. It was a welcome contrast from the cold, tall sky scrapers of Toronto.
Permalink Scalinata della Trinità dei Monti (Spanish Steps), Piazza di Spagna, Roma.
Bustling with tourists. Right opposite the Spanish Embassy. My first stop in Rome, after being overcharged for metro tickets by the lady at the tabacci. Once I finally made it to the steps, I was then harassed by vendors selling roses until I paid 4 euros for 2 rose stems that I didn’t even want. The best strategy is to ignore them.
A little history: The steps were originally commissioned by the French in the 1700s. The plan was to have a statue of Louis the XIV at the top of the stairs, however this didn’t sit well with the papacy. So as a comprise, a French church was built instead. The steps were completed by Italian sculptor, Francisco deScantis.
(I apologize for the blurry photo)
Permalink Stazione Termini, Roma
My first stop in Rome as I got off the Leonardo Express from Fiumincino. It captures the hustle bustle of the capital. Centrally located - connected to the metro, close to Via dei Fori Imperiali (Forum, Colosseum, etc). Under the train station, is a small mall. It has the essentials; Conad (Italian grocery store), pharmacy, Mr. Panino (where I had my first panini caprese - mozarella, tomato and basil) and mostly importantly, a gelateria (not the best gelato - but a welcomed treat on a hot day)!

Reasons I love travelling

  • Learning languages. Speaking the language of a country you are visiting is like having the golden key. It gives you that confidence to speak to locals, find out about places that would otherwise be unknown to a tourist.
  • Photography. I love taking photographs. They are my most prized souvenir. They allow me to relive my experience a million times over back home.
  • Food. Being a vegetarian this can sometimes be difficult, but having a sweet tooth, discovering new deserts is one of my favourite activities. I make it a point to stop at the local grocery store. Food is also deeply connected to the history; why certain ingredients are used more commonly, why a particular type of wine thrives in the region, etc.
  • People.  It’s exciting for me when I meet someone who feels the same way I do about traveling. Meeting locals at the bar, asking for directions on the subway, these interactions can heighten your cultural experience.
  • History. Helps you understand why art is the way it is, why traditions are the way they are, and why locals do the things they do.

Traveling was never really on my radar growing up. And it still doesn’t consume my entire being, but there’s just something about traveling that makes me want more. It’s a culmination of what you experienced, felt and learned.

It’s such an all-encompassing activity. And once you start, there’s no turning back.